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Solar Installation

At DJH, in addition to our other range of building services, we are also able to design and install Solar Photovoltaic Panels.

Solar Power is a fantastic way to save the environment and make money! Use of a Solar PV system means you rely less on the National Grid and because of the Government's Feed-In-Tariff you can earn money back for every KW you generate!

Installation of Solar Panels is a highly specialised job, so make sure you speak to professionals to ensure your roof can take the extra strain. Get in touch for a personalised quote of how much you could expect to earn from your Solar Investment over the next 25 years.

In addition, DJH are also able to offer Solar Water Heating Systems to make the most of the free energy the sun has to offer!

DJH offer a wide range of building services. Have a look at our other services below or contact David for a Free, No-Obligation Quote.

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